Cotopaxi's Questival Festival is Llamazing

In case you haven't already realized, I'm a big fan of Cotopaxi's Questival event. It's a 24-hour long scavenger hunt that leads you to learn more about your city, to embark on some fantastic outdoor adventures, to make fools of yourself in front of strangers and/or everyone you know, and to have a great time. My friends and I signed up with our signature name, Team Turtle, because everyone knows that slow and steady wins the race. Or, that slow and steady at least gets pretty far... We got 62nd this time, but next time we'll be #1!

Questival started with an awesome kick off event that involved free coffee, free yogurt, free backpacks, dancing with llamas and pink power rangers and bananas, and lots of silliness. After we received our "Do Good" flag that had to be in every photo and video during Questival, we were off to the races! We tracked down loads of local murals and statues to take photos with, and fun Portland staples like Huber's, the oldest cafe, and the Keep Portland Weird sign. We filmed flips into the Willamette River, parkour attempts, spit takes, cartwheel races, and stand up comedy. We unicycled, scootered, camped, carpool karaoke'd, and slept for two days once it was all over.

Check out some favorite snapshots from Questival below!

Questival Kickoff. Challenge: Get & enjoy free Noosa yogurt

Questival Kickoff. Challenge: Take a team photo with the llama onstage

Questival Kickoff. Challenge: Take a caffeine fueled picture with free High Brew Coffee. (Except Austin. Austin only drinks coffee twice a year and turns into a particularly fiesty llama whenever that happens.)

Challenge: Find Paul Bunyan. We found him!

Challenge: Collect all the trash you create during Questival, then recycle, compost, or throw it all away.

Challenge: Buy something at a local farmer's market. Apricot for the win!

Challenge: Shake hands with the Portlandia statue.

Challenge: Do a Humans of New York Post. We choose to interview Marcus, a fantastic employee of Case Study Coffee.

Challenge: Hug a Pseudotsuga menziesii. Thank god for genuine tree hugger Alicia, who knew the scientific name immediately!

Challenge: Take a group picture in the smallest park in Portland.

Challenge: Ride two different forms of public transportation - we rode the Max and the Nike Biketown public bikes!

Challenge: Do something we've never seen before in front of the Keep Portland Weird sign. We choose meditating ladies with a hand-standing Graham in the background. Wasn't the best meditation I've ever had, but it was certainly different!

Challenge: Take a picture in front of your favorite mural. I have a deep love of bumblebees so anything that features them is automatically my favorite!

Challenge: Leave a list of 10 things you love about Portland for someone else to find. We left ours at a Case Study

Challenge: Complete the second checkpoint challenge. The first challenge included jumping jacks, burpees, push-ups, planks and a tent setting up challenge. The second was easier on us, with just a llama puzzle, but we were still pretty pooped out by this point.

Challenge: Take a team pic with the sunset. We went up to Portland City Grill to catch the perfect view!

Challenge: Make s'mores with something other than a marshmallow - enter Peeps!

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