The Green Fix is dedicated to investigating and writing about solutions to conserve our wild places; to make our cities more sustainable, equitable, and livable; and to address the climate crisis.


This website began in early 2016 as Feel The Beckoning, a blog dedicated to inspiring people to get outdoors more often and connect with nature. 


Since then the importance of addressing climate change and the importance of protecting our wild places - and ensuring that those who love our planet are well-educated and well-equipped to protect it- has become a more pressing concern and the focus of this project shifted.


As the purpose changed, so did the name, and The Green Fix was born.


The love of the outdoors never fades, though, and we will continue to feature stories about people enjoying the wilderness as well as articles about climate change and environmental policy.


Hannah Morrison,


Hannah started this website in 2016 after moving to Portland, Oregon, and falling in love with the West Coast wilderness. After three and a half years of backpacking, learning to love city biking, and teaching on an organic farm in Oregon, Hannah moved to Washington, D.C. to take the next step in her career in the fall of 2018. Hannah recently graduated with a Master's Degree in Sustainable Urban Planning from George Washington University and is dedicated to helping lead us towards a more resilient, equitable, and low-carbon world.

See Hannah's portfolio here.

Kate Klibansky,


Kate has been connected to the natural world her entire life. As an adult, she has furthered that connection and helped others discover it by spending summers as a whitewater rafting and sea kayaking guide across the country from Maine to Alaska. Kate is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Policy Planning and Management from the University of Southern Maine and is dedicated to preserving our wild places and the creatures that inhabit those spaces.


The Green Fix is always looking for new perspectives! 


We're interested in publishing: 


  • Fresh and strong opinion pieces 

  • Articles in support of (or criticizing) proposed or enacted policy at the local and global level

  • New policy proposals

  • Innovative green fix solutions

  • Compelling case studies of green fixes in action

  • New ideas in sustainable urban planning

  • New ideas in conservation

  • Personal stories about climate change

Submission Guidelines


Please email all submissions to:

  • Articles should be minimum 500 words, maximum 2000 words.

  • Opinion pieces should represent a new perspective not already present on this website.

  • Authors should be prepared to go through an editing process after each submission.

  • Authors will get full credit on the website for their work.

  • Publishing your first article could lead to the opportunity to become a regular contributor.